How Local Business in UAE Can Gain Online Existence?

I know there are hundreds of posts available online explaining how to setup business in UAE, when to start business, where to start business, how much to pay etc. But the real story starts after the business setup whether it’s a Freezone Company or LLC (Limited Liability Company).

None discusses what to do after the business setup.

Yes, you’ve registered your business, setup your office, hired professional people, now what?

How can you put your company name out in the online world, finding your target clients or target businesses?

If you already have a portfolio and vast connections or strong links, then it’s a different story, if not, you can continue reading…

There can be multiple ways you can do it by yourself or you can hire some person/company to do it for you.

Well whatever you chose, you must know what needs to be done in order to get your word to proper audience.

  1. Make website
  2. Enlist your business to online directories
  3. Send SMS
  4. Send Emails
  5. Make Social Media Profiles